Who am I:

I'm Clive.

I'm husband to a super-hero-wife, Laura, who runs both our family and her family's business with grace and aplomb.  Laura and I are parents to two brilliant and hilarious daughters: Florence and Margot.

I love to take photos with a collection of 35mm and 120 cameras... when I'm not distracted by the instant gratification of 'gramming.  I'm learning how to write: poetry, prose, professional text.  I am always learning and practising these things.

I get paid to wake up each day excited to meet clients.  Because I'm an Account Executive for Enlighten Designs - and my clients' ideas, gumption and chutzpah floors and fulfils me.

I'm not a counsellor, coach, life mentor, or public speaker.  I'm just really interested in you and want to listen, to hear, to learn your story.

There's something implicit in this transaction, you've paid me to be here to listen to you.  I'm enthusiastic and passionate, I'll actively engage with your story to eke it out.  But you've bought this time, I'm here to hear you. 

I do this because every time I have a "huh." moment, it changes who I am, and the way I live my life, for the better.  And I do this because people, their stories, are my number one passion in life, this might be my calling.