Why I should do as I say, not as I do…

Just a few short weeks ago, I penned a series of massively misleading posts after misconstruing someone’s vague interest as a cry for me to impart knowledge.  I have been told many times that vague interest does not equal a desire to be waffled at by me for a week…  but, that is my mumpsimus, and I have to deal with it.


I am a fan of the Berenstain Bears and my mother read me The Bears’ Vacation every other night, for many a year.  Hence the nagging sensation that when I give advice, I really should follow it.  I have not followed a stitch of the advice that I gave in those posts.

Hence, we are here.

Clockwise, starting with camera:

I told someone to just walk around and memorise their light/exposure values and count stops.  Cripes, I’ve been crapping on about this since July last year.  It’s about time I do it. Hence the title picture of this post.  A fully manual viewfinder camera with no focussing assistance, my exposure slide rule, film, and a notebook (the blower was filling dead space).  I’m going to load that film and memorise EVs and do some counting…

(P.S.,  Their rig is their, look closely, Zorki 4K, and the slide-rule-I-made-them is slipped in the back of their case: nice.)