Voyages Home

Delight in a dignified lady, stoic, navigating her sapphire or royal blue, atavistic, Mercedes Benz along Victoria Street
Joy at a patched tortoiseshell cat, poised or posed, framed regal in a broad villa window
Playful smatterings of a brooding summer deluge hatching bokeh on the windscreen, a moment of distraction.

A February Christmas wreath posted still upon a door
A spectacular African head-tie contrast so brightly against a dour silver sedan wall
Harried work conversations swiftly held in motorway movements
Retracted to the road by an oft sighted beacon, oncoming a battered yellow plumbers van.

‘Twas in another lifetime, the radio assures with song, will I make my car shelter before the summer storm
Paused upon the driveway, home already, waves, glee, giggles and kisses blown from the kitchen window,
a toddler hoisted from the bench set to run free down the hall.

Clive SomervillepoemComment