My motto is “never think.” Thinking is a mistake. A real mistake. You become sentimental. Don’t think. As soon as I vaguely sense something, I shoot it. I don’t think about it. Simply to have felt something is enough. I don’t care about what I felt, what it means, what I want to communicate, whatever. I mean, even the shutter speed setting at that moment, It doesn’t matter. 

So I keep shooting the street and then print out the photos and line them up and then, you know, in the end, if you’re not careful, well….the street, it’s dangerous. Life is. Meaning gets produced.

– Nobuyoshi Araki, on his series 『道路』Road, in an interview on December 12, 2013

via the essay/interview A.’s Secret, Our Secret by Kaori Fujino, published in Ojo Shashu (Heibonsha, 2014)