Stop Guessing

I shall commence with the worst of news: I’ve broken my favourite camera.  I am barely able to speak about it, let alone type, so let us just leave that there.  Unless, you know an bona fide veneration of vintage camera repair, then please find it within yourself to send me a message on flickr.

Shall we continue with more bad news?  My first ever light meter, a lovely old selenium Sekonic is expiring.  It just doesn’t believe light above an LV of about 10.

Now, let us proceed with a positive take on the death of my light meter!  I’ve been out and with my MPP Microcord, remember: compose, meter, set exposure, roll-on film, cock shutter, focus, fire).  Only… metering, sans luxmètre, is a little difficult.  Hence forthwith one must estimate the light value in one’s composition.

So, like all good little photographers, I have been reading at the gospel of Sunny 16.  Verse 1, Chapter 1 - Doth thou hast found themselves amongst crisp shadowiness and is truly illuminated by thine Lord’s bright light, then thee is veritably of ƒ16 and 1/100 if ISO 100 is amongst thee.

I always struggle with King James’ version, so let us have a go at the Contemporary English Version.  Sunny 16 1:1 - If it is bright sunlight with hard shadows and you’re shooting a tonally normal scene, then set exposure at ƒ16, 1/100 for ISO 100.

Then you need to count up and down ƒ-stops according to the light value.  There are a myriad of light value charts out there, have a look around.  When you’re au fait with LV and can count stops on your toes then you’re able to calculate exposure values.

Am I squinting?  Probably one-stop brighter than sunny 16, shooting ISO100, so that’s ƒ22 @ 1/125

That’s definitely overcast, so, thats, ah, ƒ5.6 @ 1/125 - but I want this wide open, ƒ3.5 @ 1/300

Right, a gloomy pub, but the whiskey looks amazing, so, LV4, I’ve got ƒ1.4, so (wiggles toes a lot) 1/8.

It has been really rather rewarding counting up and down ƒ-stops and shutter speeds.  Like learning your scales, it should improve your performance.  Having said that, I have not yet had any film developed.  So, the proof shall be in the pudding processing.  If my Flickr or this blogette is ignored for a month or so, we’ll know my arithmetic was tres pathetique.

Until then, aujord'hui was tres bonnes!  So, adieu, adieu, to you and you and you.