I have recently moved back to a life I last lived many years ago. As such, I find myself unearthing treasures stashed long ago. Recently I found my Canon EOS 300 - my first expensive film camera purchase… The batteries were flat and I had left it fallow for 10 years.

I have to repeat that to myself… One day the batteries ran flat and I put the camera down, for ten years.

I picked the camera up from my sister’s and out of interest loaded fresh batteries, the camera awoke and told me I had 34 frames remaining. I was dubious. I was skeptical. I was doubtful. So, not trusting 10 year old film that I wasn’t even really sure was in there, I decided to blast 30 frames without leaving the house.

These are the results. What I could see and stage in the house that I live in. What I see when I walk around here with a camera to my face. It is a photo essay of sorts; I forced myself to find 30 photos on the subject of this house. I lost 5 to light leak/door bleed/who knows. Some were taken with the inbuilt flash and looked gross, others were taken 1/8s handheld and worked. Some are the 10 here and few on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/photoclive/tags/blowingthrough10yearoldfilm/

It’s got me thinking though… Me, my latest addition (see Mir link), my home town and a few rolls of film… I will set myself the challenge of capturing things of my childhood that I recall now.


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