Part Time Entry-Level Job


Bike Packer/Customer Service

Rivendell Bicycle Works is losing a great bike packer and customer service rep, and now needs a new one. Bike packing means taking a complete build minimally down to a size that fits our boxes, and packing it so it’ll survive shipping. We have a system that works, there’s even a video of it online (watch it), but we’ll teach it until you have it dialed. Customer service is also a big part of the job, so phone, email and in-person conduct should be professional.

This is a part-time job, and we want somebody who can stick it out for a year or more. Trial period of 30 days ensures we both get a good fit..

The ideal candidate:

1.     Knows Bikes – You don’t have to be an expert, but owning and tinkering with your own bike should be enough. Enthusiasm for bikes and cycling will go a long way. You’ll be taking them apart for hours. These are expensive bicycles requiring appreciation and fine attention to detail.

2.     Part time needs – We do not have enough business to employ you full-time at this time.  High-school & college students encouraged! Other folks with part-time needs and/or other gigs as well apply too.  

3.     24 Hours Per Week

4.     Able to use a computer to update orders and look up information.

5.     Willing, Reliable, Productive, Sincere, Honest – Our Core Values

6.     Available to work Saturdays in a Customer Service roll

7.     Ability to lift large objects (bicycles over head) and work in a warehouse that is not climate controlled.

8.     Local (Walnut Creek). Commuting is expensive, probably not worth it if you’re more than 20 miles away.

If you meet most (ideally all) of the requirements, please mail or hand-deliver a paper resume/cover letter to:

Dave Schonenberg

Rivendell Bicycle Works

2040 North Main #19

Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Pay will likely be a combination of per-bike and hourly, and this P/T job doesn’t qualify for health benefits. Equal opportunity, but you still have to be a good fit.

Applications should be in by August 7. If you email it, we may not read it.


[closes eyes and wishes very hard for the following things]
1: USA work visa
2: wherewithal to allow 24h/w to survive
3: a sweeeet little cabin on the edges of town
4: musa undies and a homer to get to work in/on