Part 1
“Being as in love with you as I am”
(I hummed to myself as I took a few photos listening to The XX - I went against my own rule)

“Is that a Leica?”
(I was asked on the ferry yesterday)

“Is that a camera?”
(I was asked on the promenade today)

“It looks and smells like a camera”
(I thought to myself)

“No, it’s a Microcord!”
(I was happy to entertain my inquisitor)

Part 2
I have moved. Away from my beloved New Forest. I am not taking this very well. I miss the colours, the animals, the foliage, …the sprites.

I now live on a coast; today it was a Force 6 gusting 7 kind of day with squally showers. I don’t mind the wind and rain, but I find that inclemency does stow my desire to photograph.

I start a new job on Monday, in which I foresee an ample amount of time driving the countryside. That does tend to unfurl and fill my photographic appetite.

We shall see.

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