My Flickr Top 10 Photos By Interestingness (per Flickr stats generator 12:30 19/11/2013)

  1. The first ever shot I took using an Impossible film - my kitchen window, Sway - Hampshire
    Polaroid Spectra (March 2012)

  2. Ascending my first ever great dividing range - standing atop the Spenser Range looking west, New Zealand
    Baldamatic I (April 2012)

  3. My wife knew I was too low - and dropped me 5 miles from the house on her way to work, with a camera and a walk across the forest home, New Forest - Hampshire
    Canon EOS 300D Zuiko 24mm (January 2013)

  4. My beloved bike and my beloved beach - Lady Huck and Barton on Sea, Hampshire
    MPP Microcord (February 2012)

  5. A selfie that reflected my mind state (fragments) - Copenhagen window shopping, Denmark
    Olympus OM1 (September 2013)

  6. Lust and learning to shoot properly - taking notes and counting ƒ-stops out load, an auto jumble, I think Stafford, Staffordshire
    Olympus OM1 (October 2010)

  7. How could I not? - A bride trying on her dress and howling at my mime for ‘can I take your photo’, Liverpool - Merseyside
    Pentax Zoom 70 (January 2013)

  8. Mercurial cemetery cat - has just enjoyed a pat and then bitten me, skulking off, Prestatyn, Denbighshire
    MPP Microcord (June 2012)

  9. Completely lost in Murakami - and on a ferry, ex-Poole, Dorset
    Canon EOS 300D Zuiko 24mm (August 2013)

  10. Hidden tension - I am testing my wife’s patience and earning an bemused smirk from our friend, the A272, Sussex.
    Fed 1 (November 2012)