Love Letters / Poems / Photographs

“I also poll the class at the same time I am telling them this, asking them how many people have kept a diary. I usually get a fair number, half to 2/3rds, and as I continue to tell them, rattling off the list of what they shouldn’t photograph, I ask by a show of hands how many people have attempted to write a poem even if they never showed anyone. Then I continue with the list and return for the last question - How many have written a love letter or a letter home? I then tell them that whatever it is they were trying to express in their diary, or poem, or love letter or letter home, is what their photographs should be about. I doubt whether they were writing about old people or Chinatown or children playing in the park. At least I hope not.”

via: Q&A with Thomas Roma / Blake Andrews / valerian

If I kept a diary? I have at times kept journals, usually as last resort sanity and safety nets.  When all other logic seems lost to me and imbroglio and morass consume me - I journal.  Themes? Heartache, longing, loss, caterwauling for times, people and dreams past and future.

If I wrote a poem? I have written verse, often silly limericks, other times obscure or at least esoteric.  There are themes though, the sea, the road, the sky - the escapes.

If I shared a love letter? When I write love letters, they are clear and honest tales of longing, of rapscallion endeavours planned.  But I write with the appreciation of the way I see love.  One’s love toiling at the kitchen bench, the swing of a dress in in the breeze of play, the look which is one and one’s only.

If I post a letter home? In the knowing that home is where your thoughts and heart lie: Then when I write letters home to the friends and family I call home, then I tell them of road trips, ice creams, meals, travails, adventure, anecdotes, ephemera and accoutrement.

So 100 photos of my 2014 are my diary, they are my poems, they are most definitely my love letters and alway letters …home.

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