Walking home from work in 23°c 85% humidity, I found myself aside and matching strides a brightly dressed lady. To break to hint of discomfort generated by the physical proximity of a narrowing footpath, I ventured thus:

“Golly it’s close, isn’t it?”

And immediately wondered if my choice of a primarily British aphorism was misplaced in New Zealand’s muggy (humid) isles.

I should not have been troubled. A cheery Geordie accent replied:

“Aye, it is, but I like it hot, in fact a good our down would be brilliant.”

And so, a quip thrust and repartee made we chatted comfortably until our convergence diverged at a pedestrian crossing.  Which got me to thinking, Geordie lady in flowery shirt is my first real badinage in at least six months.

What on earth have I been doing?

Clive SomervilleComment